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This image is of a regular chainsaw, a famous Diamond Chainsaw has never been photographed

The Rocket Shark only needs two tools, the Diamond Chainsaw, and the rockets on it's back.

The Diamond ChainsawEdit

This weapon of sharp, unbreakable destruction, is one of the first things you should worry with your .5 seconds of life after noticing a Rocket Shark. Try (as if you have a chance of survival) to avoid the sharp diamond blades. That's the deadly part.

The J.A.T.O. RocketEdit

Though the technical term is actually Rocket Assisted Take Off, Jet-Fuel Assisted Take Off sounds a lot more bad ass, so that's the term Rocket Sharks prefer. And being that the writers of this wiki would like to stay inside their own skin, that's the way it shall be. These rockets are genetically molded to both sides of the Shark's fin, except in the occasion that the Rocket Shark is of the fin-less variety, in which there is no fin, obviously.